Thanks for checking-in with us.

As we welcome a new year with open arms, many of us are feeling a bit more hopeful with the knowledge that vaccines are being distributed across the country. However, there still remains a good deal of uncertainty heading into the upcoming 2021 season – realistically, most of us won’t have an opportunity to be vaccinated until summer, or even fall.

While this is a difficult decision for us, both financially and emotionally, with that knowledge we have decided not to commit our photography service to any events for the 2021 season. Sadly this is not how we envisioned entering our 24th year, but it is the choice that minimizes our social contact and ultimately alleviates the underlying stress of trying to stay safe while capturing an event in a group setting.

Although this decision brings us no joy and the loss of income is significant, we believe this to be the responsible approach until the day handshakes and hugs become normalized again. So sorry to say, your photography search must continue. Jeff and I wish you good health, and hopefully better days ahead!