Thanks for checking-in with us.

Many of us are feeling a bit more hopeful with the knowledge that vaccines and boosters have been administered to millions across the country. However there still remains a good deal of uncertainty and reluctance among a larger than expected population that dispute the science and as a result prolong the ability of the virus to change and evolve so that we will never be able to reach true herd immunity. This is not a political issue in our mind. It is a reflection of where we are in the world with unlimited outlets of information that are meant to either further the divide or debunk science and facts for personal greed or political purposes and ultimately... sadly, hurt us all.

While this is a difficult decision for us, both financially and emotionally, with that knowledge we have decided not to commit our photography service to any events moving forward.

We are forever grateful for the many clients over the last 25 years that have supported us and in many cases become part of our extended family.

For those of you who have come here looking to have us capture your special memories, we are sorry to say, your photography search must continue.

Jeff and I wish you good health, and hopefully better days ahead!